The Pizza Industry Council aims to address issues specific to pizza operators.

The group is modeled after the National Restaurant Association's Fast Casual Industry Council formed in 2009.

The Association's industry councils address segment priorities through collaboration within the segment and with the Association and other segments of the restaurant industry.

“We look forward to working with the Association on key issues that impact pizza operators, such as implementation of the new menu labeling and health care regulations and how to address elevated food costs,” said PIzza Industry Council co-chair Marla Topliff, CEO, Rosati's Pizza, Chicago. “We will be working to produce resources and tools to help pizza operators increase profitability and productivity, as well as raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges that are unique to our industry segment.”

The goal of the Pizza Industry Council is to discuss common concerns and advise the Association on how the overall industry’s priority issues would impact pizza restaurants. The group also will provide networking and educational opportunities and give input on research and NRA member benefit program development.

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Volunteer Leaders

Eric Greenwald, Co-Chair

Geoff Goodman, Co-Chair
Chief Executive Officer, Fresh Brothers

Ryan Achterhoff, Chief Administrative Officer, Pizza Ranch
Scott Anthony, Owner, Punxsy Pizza
Robert Baek, SVP, Operations & Innovation, PizzaRev
Michael Bischoff, CEO, Passport Pizza
Sean Brauser, CEO, Pizzafire
Michele N. DiMeo, President, Squisito
Nicholas Eckerman, President & Co-Chief Executive Officers, PizzaRev
Jacque Farrell, Co-Founder, President, Operations, Farrelli's Pizza
Jeff Gengler, VP, Business Strategy, Papa Murphy's
Maroula Giannaros, VP, Marketing, Pizza Boli's
Adam Goldberg, CEO, Fresh Brothers
Laura Hansen, Co-Owner, Pizza Luce
JJ Haywood, CEO, Pizza Luce
Trey Hester, President, Rocky Rococo
Jim Kepple, CEO, Pizza Rev
Pete Lachapelle, President, Pizza Today
Sue LaTour, President, Passport Pizza
Ivan Matsunaga, COO, Connie's Pizza
Karim Poonja, Pizza Rev
Louie Psallidas, CEO, UNO
Anthony Rosati, CEO, Rosati's
Ryan Rose, CEO, Romeo's
Shawn Shenefield, GM, Upper Crust Pizzeria
Tony Troiano, Owner, JB Albertos
Mark Watt, VP, Franchise Operations, Topper's Pizza