Now more than ever, one of the biggest challenges we consistently hear in restaurants, is the ability to recruit the right people for hourly jobs that require passionate, committed workers.
With Capango, there is no more struggling to download and review dozens of resumes for candidates who don’t qualify for your jobs.
As a National Restaurant Association Member, you have unprecedented access to restaurant specific candidates at a 10% Discount.

  • Built For Restaurants: At Capango, our team knows that time is a commodity. Seekers can download the Capango App and apply to your job from anywhere, anytime. You no longer will rely on walk-in applications.
  • Get In Touch: Contact Seekers via our in-app chat and video chat for the fastest response, or use the profile provided e-mail and phone number.
  • Universally Formatted Resumes: With Capango CV, resumes are custom built for restaurants and streamlined for job seekers automatically. Download with the click of a button to review or upload to your ATS.

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