KINEXO is a supply chain planning and execution company dedicated to reducing costs, improving transparency, maximizing operating efficiency, and increasing profitability for our trading partners.

As the premier provider of innovative supply chain solutions in North America, we are the experts at identifying and eliminating inefficiencies. Increasing efficiency isn’t enough in today’s constantly changing business environment. That’s why we build agility and responsiveness into your supply chain strategy to better support your overall business objectives.

With our supply chain consulting services, you get highly customized solutions and not cookie-cutter choices. We deliver the insights and capabilities to maximize cost savings while driving long-term growth. Our measurable results become your competitive advantage.

Customers trust us as a true partner because we have the experience and know-how to make their business stronger and their jobs easier. They know they can rely on our people and our proven processes.

Our experienced team of data scientists, network engineers, and operations managers approach every challenge with a customer-first mentality. Together, we deliver a greater speed to market and a better ROI on every dollar invested in supply chain optimization. Our forward-thinking solutions increase profitability and drive shareholder value for our customers.

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