Are you one of almost 30% of businesses still using payroll technology more than 10 years old? If so, your days of working with paper timesheets, punch cards and physical time clocks should be over.

Modern technology makes payroll administration easier and more affordable than ever. You can use cloud-based platforms, automated workflows and mobile-friendly apps to accurately manage payroll on the go and ensure compliance.  

Payroll administration goes well beyond distributing checks. Cloud-based payroll systems make it easy to share data, work remotely and stay up to date on ever-changing labor laws and requirements. They simplify data collection to determine how someone should be paid, how benefits time is managed, how taxes are withheld and paid, and how compliance and reporting is conducted.  

Here are four ways technology is simplifying payroll management, reporting and compliance.  

Powered by the cloud 

Software updates and data backups are automatic, and keep you current with tax compliance and other regulations. Remote access eliminates the need to be at the office to run payroll. And with your payroll and Human Resource Information System (HRIS) data stored in a single system in the cloud, you have better, more secure control over sensitive data such as Social Security numbers, compensation, benefits, and address information. 

Increased process automation 

When multiple people are inputting the same information across a spectrum of applications, the risk for inaccuracies increases. Payroll automation creates error-free data by eliminating this redundant, manual entry. Modern payroll software also accesses all relevant information necessary to automatically comply with ever-changing federal, state and local tax codes, wage rates, and more.  

Online employee engagement 

Self-service and a greater focus on the employee experience are hallmarks of modern payroll systems. Today’s self-service portal enables employees to track their time, update personal information, and manage their benefits on their laptop or mobile device without ever having to contact another person. Mobile apps also allow employees to remotely access schedules, swap and cover shifts (with manager approval), and request dates/times to take off. Additionally, job- seekers can apply to open positions via text, making it easier for you to recruit new hires. Applicants can fill out and submit forms online. In many cases the hiring process needs no face-to-face time with an applicant until the final interview.  

Unified data access  

Having different systems talk to each other makes payroll easier to manage. The data belonging to the areas of benefits administration, payroll, deductions, taxes, staff reviews, and more is today integrated and consolidated across platforms so you can quickly access and reference it.  

These payroll technology advancements can save you substantial time and money and do a better job of keeping you compliant with labor laws, tax regulations and filing requirements. Upgrading your legacy payroll system will have you working smarter, not harder, and you’ll be asking yourself “why didn’t I make the change sooner?”  

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