The agenda is set for the Sustainability Executive Study Group conference, Sept 10-11 in Washington, D.C. If your company has charged you with keeping up on environmental advocacy issues, packaging rules and regulations, or reducing food waste, you’ll want to attend to network with counterparts from other restaurant companies. You’ll be able share tips and best practices and hear the latest developments regarding foodservice sustainability. 

You’ll also participate in in-depth workshops on sustainability and product sourcing as well as hear expert sessions on the latest environmental trends, including animal welfare and sustainable farming practices. 

“Through the conference, we offer industry members the opportunity to immerse themselves in this pressing initiative, to learn new strategies and techniques to improve their sustainability efforts,” says Jeffrey Clark, program director for the Association’s sustainability and nutrition executive study groups.  “They’ll leave with ideas they can take back to their businesses and put into action immediately,” 

Join us for this deep dive into restaurant sustainability practices. Don’t miss out: Book your hotel room and register today.