The Restaurant Law Center is engaged in multiple legal cases with a broad policy impact on the restaurant industry. We are engaged in both federal and state court litigation, and in first-party litigation as well as amicus filings on cases of interest to our industry. By topic:


  • Tip pooling
  • Tip credit and side work
  • Joint employer
  • New York City scheduling
  • Overtime regulations
  • 80/20 guidelines
  • Minimum wage -- state preemption
  • Pennsylvania (paid leave)


  • Association Health Plans

Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Website accessibility
  • Class-action claims on parking

Labor Relations

  • Union deductions bill
  • Onsite union protestors
  • Union use of employers' email systems

Finance & Credit Cards

  • Interchange (swipe) fees
  • Florida (taxes on tangible personal property)

State Ballot Initiatives

  •  Colorado (Amendment 71, on ballot initiatives)

Class Action

  • Class action -- litigation waivers


  • Federal Communications Commission | Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)