ACA & Employer Reporting: Overview

The National Restaurant Association supports a commonsense reporting process to preserve and protect healthcare information submitted to the U.S. Treasury Department. Employer reporting under the Affordable Care Act must safeguard an employee’s personal information, transmit timely information about an employer's offer of affordable coverage, and be streamlined to ease an employer’s administrative burden.

Our position

The National Restaurant Association supports legislation that directs the Treasury Department to implement an alternative, prospective reporting system that couples secure data collection with the efficiency employers need. The voluntary prospective reporting system created under this legislation would make important data available during the Exchange enrollment process, rather than after a coverage year has ended, and streamlines the reporting requirements for employers and insurers. Additionally, it protects the privacy of individuals’ Social Security numbers, authorizes the electronic transmission of reporting information, and establishes oversight of reporting verification.

The Association supports legislation that streamlines employer process and provides individual consumers with much-needed safety nets, employers with relief from duplicative and confusing reporting requirements, and Exchanges with an additional tool to verify tax credit and subsidy eligibility.