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The history of the National Restaurant Association is rooted deeply in the power of partnerships. In 1919, the Association formed out of a group of restaurant owners coming together to fight unfair egg prices, and since then we have continued to partner with one another in order to benefit from our unified influence. Working in tandem with our state restaurant association partners, the Association can amplify the value of membership through key relationships with some of the industry’s largest suppliers and provide our members with lower rates on a range of services. As restaurants continue the reopening process amid the pandemic, the Association’s partnerships in the healthcare and restaurant services areas can help you reopen safely and in a cost-efficient manner.  
Today, more than any other time in modern history, maintaining our health is a priority. At the national level, we are asking Congress to prioritize testing and vaccine distribution for food supply chain employees (after health care, first responders, and vulnerable populations) to help the entire food and restaurant industry continue growing, selling, and serving healthy food even in times of crisis. However, our commitment to the health and wellness of our employees extends far beyond this ask.
Through our partnership with UnitedHealthcare, one of the nation’s largest insurance companies, we are able to offer discounts on many insurance programs, including a five percent discount for large employers with fully insured medical coverage and a five percent discount for all employers on dental, vision, and life insurance coverage. The success of the discount program created the opportunity to establish our Association Health Plan – the Restaurant & Hospitality Association Benefit Trust (RHA) – which launched in 2018 and offers small restaurants the opportunity to band together and buy insurance like larger employers. This approach created a program that helps more than 2,000 companies cover more than 150,000 employees and their families with comprehensive medical coverage. While the RHA is not yet available in all states, we are continuing to expand it.
Another area where we are seeing renewed interest in expanding partnerships is the National Restaurant Association’s affinity program, Marketplace. Marketplace helps members with selection and pricing advantages on important products and services. Within Marketplace, members will find offerings on products ranging from office supplies to cyber insurance to music licensing—each carefully vetted to ensure relevance and to protect the bottom line.
In June, the Association launched the “Reopening Marketplace,” which  offers goods, services, and technological solutions to our members for opening and operating during the pandemic. Like Marketplace, the site offers members a selection of important products and services geared to reopening safely and priced at an exclusive, member-only advantage. This select group of products and services help advance and protect America's restaurant and foodservice industry as it returns to full service.
For more than 100 years, the National Restaurant Association has been bringing restaurant operators together to help solve the industry’s most pressing needs. Today, we are proud that our partnerships include state restaurant associations, suppliers, and distributors that share our vision for a thriving restaurant and foodservice community.
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