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National Restaurant Association - Top 10 reasons to consider an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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Top 10 reasons to consider an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

What is an EAP?

An EAP is an employee benefits program that helps employees with a variety of potential challenges (some of which may not be job-related), thereby assisting organizations in addressing productivity issues by assessing and treating employees’ problems. EAPs also work with employees and their families in resolving personal, health and financial concerns; alcohol and drug abuse; emotional problems; stress; or any other issue that could potentially affect that employee's job performance.  For example, given the challenging economy, EAPs are seeing increased utilization, particularly since many provide budget and credit counseling.  There are numerous EAPs from which to choose, and their offerings vary depending upon individual agreements with organizations. 

Why should you consider an EAP?

  1. EAPs help employees solve problems before they become an issue in the workplace.
  1. Providing workers with an EAP can be an important morale-boosting and cost-saving benefit regardless of company size because employees who use this program may not have to use their health insurance, depending on their needs; smaller organizations can get EAPs attached as a medical benefit and/or for training purpose
  1. EAPs may save the employer money by diverting the utilization of health-insurance dollars for treatment that an EAP could address.  They also allow managers to not have to play multiple roles – manager, friend, confidante, disciplinarian, etc.  
  1. Employees benefit because the resources are funded by the employer at no cost to the employee or immediate family members. EAPs are professional, confidential and often more liberal than health-insurance benefits, as some EAPs also cover live-in partners.  Many EAPs are 24/7, an added benefit for folks in the restaurant industry working long hours.
  1. EAPs provide consultation and training to organization leaders trying to manage employees who are having job-performance problems.
  2. EAPs provide confidential assessment, short-term counseling and a referral service to employees and their families.
  1. EAPs work with an employee (whether referred or self-identified) to resolve problems affecting his or her job performance through short-term counseling or other treatments.
  1. EAPs provide consultation back to the organization where the employee works, establishing treatment facilities, resources, and developing and maintaining a network of facilities and resources.
  1. EAPs work with an organization to develop appropriate health-insurance plans for those treatment facilities.
  1. EAPs help the organization identify the impact EAP services have had on work, on reduction of health-insurance costs and on improved job performance.

For more information, learn more about the EAP offered through our partnership with United Healthcare. The Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) also offers information on how to start an EAP.

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