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National Restaurant Association - All Marketing & Sales Articles

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All Marketing & Sales Articles

Food & Beverage Articles

Pour specialty beverages customers crave

If you do't offer specialty beverages, you might be missing out on revenue and brand awareness opportunities. According to our 2018 "What's Hot" chefs' survey, lemonade is the third most popular nonalcoholic beverage.

Happy hour and late night success

Happy hour and late night programs can increase foot traffic and revenue during normally off-peak hours. Identifying your target consumer can help you build your specials program with that guest in mind. 

Is it time to raise your prices?

Making sure the price is right for each item takes lots of work. Before adjusting your prices, consider eight factors, including reviewing your menu prices at least twice a year.

In-Store Experience Articles

Making your mark through menu design

One key ingredient of restaurant success is so obvious that it’s sometimes overlooked: the menu. Building and presenting a winning menu can often be the difference between a restaurant that rings up sales and one that lags in revenue. While strategically whipping up your culinary calling card, examine these angles.

The best seat in the house

Although sitting by the kitchen used to be less than desirable, these days restaurant goers are jumping at the chance to get close to the culinary action. The kitchen table has become the most popular in the house, as diners are treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the chef.

Technology isn’t just for millennials

While millennials are more likely than any other age group to use restaurant-related technology options, they are not the only demographic group to show interest in doing so. A significant proportion of consumers in the baby boomer generation are also using computers and smartphones when interacting with restaurants, according to National Restaurant Association research.

Philanthropy/Community Articles

Be the calm in the storm: Prepare your restaurant for natural disasters

When hurricanes, tornados, snowstorms or other natural disasters occur, restaurants can help bring a sense of normalcy to their communities. Establishing a disaster communication plan establishes you as a good corporate citizen and secures brand equity. Here are five tips to you plan ahead of the storm.

Social Media Articles

Use social media to help accomplish your restaurant’s business goals

Though social media is constantly changing – completely new platforms, features, ways to broaden your audience reach –  it remains an important tool to connect with current and potential customers. National Restaurant Association sponsor Fishbowl shares examples of social media tactics that can help better your business.

Social Media 101

Cary Levine, CEO of Mopro, offers an introduction to making social media work for your restaurant.

Get the word out about your grand opening

A new restaurant is full of potential and possibilities, but one of the first great challenges is to get the word out. National Restaurant Association partner Fishbowl shares social media suggestions.

Why location-based actions are vital to your restaurant

Restaurant use of social media has increased tremendously within the past five years, but it’s easy to fall behind. That’s why it’s important to keep a constant pulse on the newest app and technology, as well as learn how it can help grow your business.

Mobile Articles

Catch onto mobile app crazes to drive restaurant traffic

At our 2016 Restaurant Innovation Summit, two staff members from Austin-based VERTS Mediterranean Grill – Jordan Beckvonpeccoz, designer, and Sarah Pendley, public relations manager – shared how the brand capitalized on the Pokémon Go craze.

How Wingstop incorporated chatbots into its ordering

Ben Lamm, co-founder and COO of Conversable, recently worked with Wingstop to integrate Conversable’s one-on-one “conversation platform” into the restaurant company’s social ordering platform. He and Stacy Peterson, Wingstop’s chief information officer, answer questions about the integration process.

6 tips to get order-ahead tech right

When the line at your restaurant is out the door, some customers may choose to dine elsewhere in an attempt to get food faster. Order-ahead technology, or mobile ordering, allows customers to place their order, pay and select a pick-up time that works for them using a mobile app or website. LevelUp provides 6 tips for mastering this offering.

3 steps to implement predictive ordering technology

To satisfy customers’ desires for streamlined experiences, some restaurants are utilizing predictive ordering technology. By taking these three steps, you can suggest menu items to your customers based on their past order history.

4 considerations for implementing tableside tech

If you opt to implement tableside technology, think about how you can leverage it to increase customer and employee satisfaction. At the 2015 Restaurant Innovation Summit, Lisa Landsman, head of industry - restaurants at Google; Raymond Howard, cofounder of Ziosk; and Chris DeFrain, chief financial officer of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews - Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group, discussed the perks and considerations associated with tableside tech.

Distributing and gathering information from mobile apps

Restauranteurs and customers strive to make data-driven decisions. In addition to providing service-oriented solutions like tracking loyalty program rewards, mobile apps can also expose business patterns and improvement areas. At the National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Restaurant Innovation Summit, industry leaders shed light on how to effectively utilize apps as information vehicles, benefiting operators and their guests.

Web Articles

Specialty Promotions Articles

Plug into Gen Z diners’ interests

At the National Restaurant Association’s 2016 Nutrition and Internal Auditors Executive Study Groups, Kellogg’s senior nutrition marketing business partner for specialty channels, David Grotto, shared tips for restaurants to connect with Gen Z.

Building breakfast business

Breakfast business continues to rise and shine at restaurants, so learn how to capitalize on this daypart.

8 ways to build delivery sales

With customers craving for convenience, you have the potential to grow your revenue stream by adding or enhancing delivery services.

Turn your restaurant into a tourist destination

Boost your sales this summer by attracting more tourists to your restaurant. Travelers spend more than $200 billion annually on food service in the United States, according to the U.S. Travel Association. On average, tourism accounted for nearly a third of fine-dining sales and almost a fourth of casual-dining sales in 2012, according to National Restaurant Association research.


Why your restaurant should connect with kids

Connecting with kids and their parents calls for conscientious marketing that appeals to both. Beyond colors and imagery, brand marketing can focus on greater choices of food and the guest experience.

Personalization and daily deals: Growing your business online

In our modernized world, restaurants must balance traditional marketing with strategic online methods. Developing a strong online campaign customized with savings and preferences helps restaurants create more sales among satisfied customers.

Public Relations Articles

7 ways to connect with media

Even if you are a single-unit operation with limited resources, you can get your restaurant’s name out there without spending excessive time or money. Maximize your media outreach with these tips. 

How to work with media

When pitching a story idea or handling a crisis situation, it helps to have established good working relationships with reporters and news organizations. Here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling.

Blueprint to your event PR strategy

Attracting media attention and competing for coverage at the NRA Show or other large events can seem daunting. These tips will help you build a public relations strategy that exposes your product and generates interest in your company.

Loyalty Articles

5 tips to develop loyal relationships with millennials

Millennials are a tough crowd to gauge. At roughly 80 million strong, this generation is the largest to date, which translates to a high volume of market share. Restaurant marketers are perking up to new millennial trends that relate to communication, generational habits and how this group interacts with brands.

The Customer Journey has Evolved

To innovate in your restaurant, you need to be on social media, offer online promotions and have a great website -- and your loyalty program needs to go digital.

Brand Management Articles

Ready for Gen Z?

Gen Z makes up the nation’s biggest demographic – how is your restaurant business leveraging this unprecedented opportunity?

Tell customers about your restaurant’s sustainability efforts

The term “sustainability” can mean many different things to different diners. Shelley Balanko, Hartman Group senior vice president and a speaker at the National Restaurant Association’s 2016 Sustainability Executive Study Group, discussed how to share your sustainability story with customers.

Analyze data to understand your customers

Since there are not one-size-fits-all data aggregation systems in place across the industry, you have to figure out how each source flows into one complete view. At the 2015 Restaurant Innovation Summit, Helen Baptist, vice president of customer relationship management, shared how comprehensive data analysis can give you a clearer picture of who your core customers are.

Weave merchandise into your brand plan

Building your brand is an ongoing process, and providing customers tangible ways to show the world they like your restaurant business can only amplify buzz. Elizabeth Brasch, Mellow Mushroom's brand manager, provides tips for developing restaurant merchandise programs.

Turn restaurant success into retail revenue

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your bottom line by turning hot menu items into retail products. Here are some tips from restaurant-industry experts to help move in-demand items from the menu and onto retail shelves.

Big data basics

Big data can be overwhelming. Start small and pick a single area of focus to get started.

The key to success: Your customer is always right

Integrating customer insights into your restaurant’s innovation efforts can have a huge impact on a brand’s success. Peter Nolan, Roti Mediterranean Grill chief brand officer, shared his observations at our Marketing Executives Study Group.


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