President Trump signed an Executive Order directing the federal government to make it easier for small businesses and individuals to work together to buy health plans through associations, like ours.

Dawn Sweeney, the National Restaurant Association’s president and CEO, attended the Oct. 12 event to represent the restaurant industry. She said association health plans are critical to expanding affordable, employer-sponsored health insurance.

“By allowing small businesses and individuals to join together to access health insurance through their association memberships, President Trump’s Executive Order will provide more opportunity for Americans to purchase affordable health care coverage for themselves and their families,” Sweeney said.

Over the last several years, our association has fought hard to support initiatives that provide access and seek to reduce the cost of health insurance. We support reducing regulatory roadblocks to allow restaurant operators to join together to find affordable coverage for themselves and their employees through association health plans, and believe it is a key step in leveraging the buying power of small businesses.

The National Restaurant Association was one of just six associations invited to attend the White House event. The ceremony also included U.S. Senators and Representatives who have taken a lead role on this issue.

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